Maserati spyders from the late 1950's through 1970's
Over the two decades of the 60's and 70's Maserati produced approximately 500 spyders (convertibles) ... that was the
TOTAL production for all models for all years! They came in three different models ... using the photo below as a reference
(right to left), first was the 3500GT Vignale spyder in the early 60s, followed by the Mistral spyder in the mid 60's and then
the Ghibli spyder of the late 60's and early 70's.
As you can see, I like the spyders (aka: convertibles)  The 3500GT Vignale spyder was to the first one in the collection and it required extensive
restoration. In my opinion the Vignale is the most elegant spyder with its attention to details. The Ghibli was the second spyder to come into my life and
is the most enjoyable to drive and has been extremely reliable. The Mistral was the last and completed the collection of pre-Biturbo production GT
spyders. All three cars pictured above were sold as a means for me to be able to get early retirement (not a bad decision on my part), the silver Ghibli
spyder is being missed the most!

It took several years but luckily I was able to built the spyder collection again!  I found a
1968 Mistral spyder with the rare 4.0 liter engine and the
hardtop. Even more significant was the addition of the first
3500GT Vignale spyder prototype built to my collection. Recently I found a nice Ghibli
spyder and everything is now fine in the universe.
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