1968 Jaguar series 1.5 E-type Roadster
VIN: 1E18250
Engine: 7E18224-9
Body: 4E10416
Gearbox: KE2139

Mileage: 65,600

This is a restored series 1.5 XKE roadster that is ready to be driven and enjoyed. It has the very desirable Signal Red exterior with new black leather
interior and black canvas soft top. The paint was done some years ago but is still in good condition. Panel fit is very good with great door and bonnet
gaps, just look at the photos of how well the bonnet lines up. There are no signs of prior accident damage and the car's serial number is stamped on
the suspension sub-frame, which indicates this part has not been replaced. When the serial number is not present on the suspension it is usually an
indication of prior accident damage. This is a matching number car.

Chrome and wire wheels are very good. The wires wheels have stainless steel spokes and are the type that accepts the slightly wider tires, this  
improves the XKE's handling. Engine compartment is clean and all components, except the alternator, are the original. The alternator was replaced
with a more reliable single wire unit. Also to increase reliability the engine has electronic ignition. The electronic ignition module is hidden and cannot
be detected.

The black leather interior is new, using all correct materials. The soft top is black canvas and was recently installed, back plastic is crystal clear. The
boot cover (for when the top is down) is also black canvas.  Mechanically the matching number 4.2 liter engine is strong with superb oil pressure
(45 psi+) and no exhaust smoke. Gearbox is synchronized on all forward gears and is working properly. Engine does not leak oil. Includes owner's
manual, jack with bag, knock-off hammer, spare tire and boot cover for when the soft top is down.

The 1968 e-type was created at a time when Jaguar was in transition between the earlier series 1 and the series 2 which started in 1969. Although
not an official Jaguar designation, these cars are normally referred to as series 1.5 since they incorporate components from both series. I like the
series 1.5 since  it retains the classic lines of the early e-types, with the smaller bumpers and taillights, but have the improved engine cooling and
interior seats of the series 2 cars. The improved cooling and seats make the car much more livable with modern day traffic. The gearbox also was
improved making it easier to shift than the gearbox used in earlier cars. Some people have retrofitted the triple carbs from a 1967 and earlier e-type to
a 1968 (which is easy to do) to end up with probably the best e-type Jaguar created. This combination was available for the 1968 model year in
many countries outside of the USA.


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Canvas top and boot cover are like new
Very good body gaps, which is very
important on an XKE. Wire wheels are
like new.
1968 was the last year of the slim tail
lights over the bumpers. In 1969 the
bumpers were heavier and the tail lights
were larger and under the bumper.
New leather seats, carpets and most of
the interior trim
Very good oil pressure. All gauges (except
clock) are in working order