1969 Jaguar E-type Roadster
Serial #: 1R9191

several years ago and is still in very good (although not show) condition. Odometer reads only 50,300 miles. The color is
best described as an acqua .... light blue with a touch of green. Originally the car was silver. The color looks fantastic on
this car, I get many compliments on how good this color looks. The paint quality is good and the body is rust free. The
interior is black leather and in good condition. The soft top is black canvas and also in good condition with a clear back
plastic. Very nice chrome wire wheels

Engine runs smooth with excellent oil pressure. The engine number matches the number stamped on the data plate. The
engine was just serviced (coolant, oil, carbs rebuilt, ignition, etc), the engine compartment is clean. The engine
compression was recently checked and all cylinders were between 140 to 150 psi, which is excellent. I have driven many
e-type and for some reason this car seems to have a lot more torque than most I have driven, I would say it feels
stronger than most series 1 Jags I've owned.

This car is ideal for the person looking for a nice weekend toy. The series 2 e-type tend to be the best choice for the first
time XKE owner. They have better engine cooling and creature comforts than the series 1, yet lack the complexities of
the V12 series 3 cars.

Includes jack in the bag, knock off hammer, boot cover for when the soft top is down, and owners manual

This car has been sold

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Very good oil pressure
at normal temperature