1964 Jaguar E-type roadster
VIN number: 880465
Cream with red interior

Over a period of three years I restored this 1964 e-type roadster for myself. I have kept a
blog  which shows the extended of
the restoration. My intent was to keep it but last year I found a
1959 Maserati Vignale spyder prototype which I would like to
restore..The car was sold in June of 2008.

The car has a Jaguar Heritage Certificate documenting its authenticity.  My goal was to restore it to "better than new", show
condition, but at the same time make it a car that can be driven. The engine subframe and suspension were removed and
powder coated, all mechanicals were redone, the body was stripped to bare metal and painted in its original cream (Old
English white) color. Interior in its original deep red color.

While keeping the car original some key improvements were done. Teflon seals where used through the original engine to
avoid the notorious Jaguar engine oil leaks. The radiator looks stock but in reality it is much more efficient than the original.
The ignition is electronic and completely invisible to a concours judge. The gearbox is the full synchro version from a later 4.2,
which was coupled to the 3.8 liter engine using the original bell housing and starter. This provides the perfect match between
the higher revving 3.8 liter engine and the smoother shifting of the full synchro gearbox.  Again a concourse judge would
never be able to tell, unless he drove the car and didn't have to grind first gear!


Make sure you see the photos of the car while it was being restored ... click here!

Click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge.
Make sure you see the photos of the car while
it was being restored ...
click here!
Notice that headlamps are the
original Lucas
Fuel pump is inside the tank
(as the original) but uses
modern day electricals
Owner's manual, jack, tool
roll, knock off hammer and
grease gun
Even the tires are the
original style Dunlop SP
sport 185x15 radials
Jaguar Heritage
Great oil
Aluminum radiator with
ribbed tanks
Beautiful triple SU carbs