1961 Jaguar E-type roadster
VIN number: 875324

This is a matching numbers very early series 1 3.8 roadster with the outside bonnet latches, welded bonnet louvers and flat floors. These very  
early e-type are considered the most rare and desirable as they represent the XKE it its most pure form. Finding one that still has its original
mechanical components (engine, gearbox, etc) plus its original body panels is extremely rare.

The body on this car is very nice and rust free. I have checked the car with a magnet and could not find any significant amount of filler
anywhere! The paint looks okay from 20 feet but has scratches, minor dings, cracks, etc. If this car had a superb paint job it would easily be a
$100K+ car. Chrome and glass are good. All gauges, switches and accessories (except clock) in working order.  The interior was replaced
some time ago and still looks very good. Proper materials and patterns were used for the interior with the exception of the soft top which is
currently vinyl and it should have been done in cloth.

Mechanically the engine is in great condition with very good oil pressure. I had a compression test done before purchasing the car and
cylinders were all around 160psi. Suspension feels nice and tight. Overall this is a very good driving car.

What has really impressed me about this car is that most of its rare original "bits and pieces" have not been modified. Only 500 external
bonnet latch cars were made, of those 385 were LHD roadsters. In the 1970's Jaguar e-type were just a used car and most were abused and
discarded. This car still retains its original engine and it appears all the body panels are still the original. To my surprise the spare tire is still
the original Dunlop Road Speed with its big white walls. It appears the spare tire has been used only a few times.

This car is perfect for the Jaguar enthusiast that appreciates the uniqueness and rarity of the early e-type. It can be driven and enjoyed as is.
A cosmetic refreshing can be done at a later date, if desired. Needless to say this is one of the most collectible Jaguars and one that
represents potentially a very good investment. Most outside latch e-types are either concourse restoration, thus costing $120K+, or in need of
everything. Needless to say if any of the unique features is missing finding a replacement is close to impossible.

Includes owners' manual, original shop manual, Shelley jack, knock off hammer, original Dunlop spare tire, maintenance chart, special key to
open bonnet.

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Excellent oil pressure at
normal operating temperature.
A Jaguar Heritage Certificate, which authenticated the car, is included. The car was originally cream with red interior. The exterior color change was done correctly, ex: the engine frame rail
and inside the trunk were painted black.  It was common practice to get a replacement cylinder head when an engine needed to be rebuilt which the reason why many cars that claim matching
number engine in fact have a non-matching cylinder head. In this car the head and block match.

The data plate is stamped with body number R1447 while the tag on the body itself is R1456. This car is the THIRD 1961 e-type I have owned with  a body number inconsistency. Both
the data and body tag plates are original, therefore this was a factory recording error. In addition, I found where the factory stamped the bonnet with the body number, which matches the
body tag. The car number (VIN) is clearly stamped on the body's suspension cross member. I find these quirkiness of the early cars very interesting as it shows the hectic environment these
cars were constructed, which lead to obvious recording mistakes.

I have document these findings and sent the information to Mike Cook, who is in charge of the Jaguar Historical archives for North America. According to the Jaguar archives,  body R1456
was assigned to car number 875325 ... which was the next chassis number to mine.
Click here to see photos of some the
uniques features found on this early e-type
Doors and floors all appear to be the original and
very solid.
Original Dunlop spare tire
which shows very little use.
Aluminum console, notice the
period Motorola radio
Body number tag - R1456
Bonnet stamping - 1456
Car number on body  - 875324
Original data plate which
incorrectly shows body
number as R1447
Original engine - head and
block are stamped with the
same number.
Jaguar Heritage Certificate. All
numbers match.
Includes owner's manual,
repair binder, Shelley jack,
knock off hammer and special
tool to open bonnet
on the soft top.

Small dent on the
top front of bonnet.